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Netflix Profiles Are Back!

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I am a big user of Netflix. I really enjoy their services and web interface. I would of course change a couple of things, especially with the new community features they are currently adding.

Until recently we had Cable+DVR. We were tired of having to skip the commercials. Yes it gets really tiring for ultra lazy people. So good bye the Tila Tequila Reality TV Show, the Ninja Warriors (as well as the women edition) and other better shows…

I had been a Netflix user for over 2 years, using the 2 DVDs at a time plan. So we got back into it, although I must admit that 98% of the time, we use the *watch now* feature. We already had both our profiles set up. We loved our profiles from the beginning. We each have our own queue and we get to each choose our own movies. This feature probably helped us bringing down the number of daily home fights.

One thing that lacks is the fact that I, as the primary account holder, only can use the *watch now* feature. Therefore, if she watches something without me and want to rate the movie, it completely affect my own ratings and recommendations.

On June 18th, Netflix sent the following email:

They were announcing the removal of the profiles feature by september 2008. I emailed them as many other people did.

The results is on Jun 30th, they decided to bring the feature back !!


Written by The Utosky Team

July 4, 2008 at 6:05 pm